Lens Material: Polymacon
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.5
Central Thickness: 0.07mm (@-3.00D)
Permeability: 12
Transmissibility: 95%
Lens Collection: Natural looking lenses
Modality: 3 months
Type: Soft Contact Lenses


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Famous through flawless celebrities like Kim Kardashian to Nadine Njeim, the genius’ behind Bella color contact lenses know beauty down to a T! From subtle color enhancement to total color overhaul, Bella contact lenses will have something for you. Available as a monthly disposable lens, choose between the 5 bestselling collections and become a Bella addict.

Contour Contact Lenses
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Contour Contact Lenses

Price KWD 7.000
Availability: Out of stock

Get ready to enchant with enlarged eyes, mystically. Be prepared to stun, naturally. Welcome to a world where compliments are routine and looking gorgeous is effortless. Welcome to the world of Diamonds. Be a bewitching beauty or a dazzling diva. Light up a smile or pump up the wow factor. Choose the impression you want to create, the elegance you want to exude and the awe you want to leave behind.

Almond Gray

Diamond Contact Lenses

Price KWD 11.000
Availability: 4 In Stock

Inspired by diamonds, this monthly collection was created with a desire to brighten and enhance your eyes. With 7 precious shades to choose from, each Bella Diamond will offer bespoke sparkle each time you wear them.

Glow Contact Lenses
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Glow Contact Lenses

Price KWD 11.000
Availability: Out of stock
Full of sparkle and shimmer, the 9 colors available from Bella’s Glow collection will be sure to delight. Within this monthly collection you can expect vivid colors which will enhance your iris and make your eyes glow!

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