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Prep your face with our best makeup primer for your skin type. Our face primers work as a makeup base to correct flaws while helping your makeup last longer throughout the day. Find a primer makeup for your unique skin concern. Smooth lines, hide pores, color correct or illuminate your look instantly.


Black Magic Make-Up Base

Black Magic Make-Up Base, 20 ml

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Detoxifying Make-Up Base

We have added a new product to the successful Dermacol Make-Up Base line: a detoxifying make-up base. It contains activated vegetable charcoal and therefore, it is black. After application, the base becomes invisible. It completely smoothens your skin and fills in wrinkles and pores, preventing your make-up from caking or creasing. Your skin will be ready for make-up application.

Skin type: All skin types

Corrector Palette

Price KWD 4.25
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This 4-color corrector and highlighter palette was formulated to even your skin tone and cover any imperfections. GREEN CORRECTOR – neutralizes redness and spider veins along with your nose and cheeks. YELLOW CORRECTOR – cover bruises, veins, and other purple and blue imperfections. NUDE CORRECTOR – evens your skin tone and effectively covers pigment spots and small scars. HIGHLIGHTER – brightens, adds shine to your skin, and provides a fresh look. Apply onto your cheekbones, nose, and around your eyes. Dermatologically tested.

Skin type: For all skin types

Matt Control Makeup Corrector
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Matt Control Makeup Corrector

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Price KWD 2.75
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Concealing and mattifying corrector

The high coverage texture will completely adhere to your skin, cover any imperfections, and make your skin look better. It has mattifying effects and minimizes the visibility of the pores. Zinc dries excessive sebum and has anti-septic effects.

Skin type: For all skin types
Makeup Cover

Makeup Cover

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Price KWD 4.50
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Legendary high covering make-up

The clinically tested, extreme covering Make up Cover was created as the first of its kind in Europe and one of the first in the world. The license for this foundation was eventually sold to Hollywood. It contains 50% pigments, which makes it a weapon against skin imperfections. DERMACOL MAKE-UP COVER provides PERFECT COVERAGE even in thin layers and is the perfect corrector for dark under-eye, unpleasant spots, and skin blemishes. It completely covers acne, loss of pigmentation, post-surgical bruising, tattoos, etc. It may be used on the entire face or body for color correction, darkening or lightening the skin tones, and ensuring ideal balance. It is widely used as a professional make-up for photo or film shoots, modeling, and for festive occasions.