Nail Care

Discover Beauty Nails nail care treatments. Highly technical treatments, essential for perfectly groomed nails. Designed from innovative, high-quality raw materials (vitamin E, keratin, diamond powder, amethyst powder, etc.), these Beauty Nails professional nail care treatments ensure perfect nails and protection.

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Force Coat

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Force Coat by BeautyNails is a Hardener for Nails.

Force Coat is essential for a sustainable strengthening of natural nails. 
Thanks to its exclusive formula combining micronised amethyst powder, keratin and collagen, Le Force Coat strengthens soft, fragile nails and fills cracks which encourages their regrowth and prevents duplication.

Top Coat Matte
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Top Coat Matte

Price KWD 3.750
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Matte Beauty Nails top coat Superior quality varnish with almost immediate drying <br> Its formulation enriched with high quality resins, gives it a long-lasting hold ranging from 4 to 6 days on healthy nails (not split), as well as almost immediate drying Thanks to its flexible and high-precision brush, it is homogeneous and easy to apply Rich in pigments for a sublime and extremely glossy color with a mirror effect

Capacity: 12ML

ESSIE Quick E-Drying Drops 18

ESSIE Quick E-Drying Drops 18

Price KWD 6.500
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Set your manicure fast with the essie Nail Care Quick Drying Drops Nail Polish Treatment; salon professional drying drops that cut down drying time of painted nails to just 60 seconds whilst protecting against smudges, dents, nicks and scratches. Enriched with silicone, the drops add shine whilst accelerating drying time so you can be on the go in no time. Formaldehyde and toluene-free, the drops are ideal for natural, artificial and sensitive nails.

Free from DBP, toluene and formaldehyde.

Nail Cuticle Pusher - Long
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Nail Cuticle Pusher - Long

Price KWD 1.000
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Suitable for professional and home use.
Can trim the edge of both fingernails and toenails.
Made of stainless steel, durable and not easy to rust.
Anti-slid handle, concave-convex design makes it easy to hold.
Double-headed, can push cuticle back and trim dead skin near your nails.
Pedicure Clipper , Cutter and Toenails Nipper
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Pedicure Clipper, Cutter and Toenails Nipper

Price KWD 7.500
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Heavy duty, yet Light - This nipper is designed to cut through thick nails and toenails but is still lightweight and easy to handle. It provides extra leverage, helping to effortlessly cut through thick nails. Also very comfortable for small hands.

Base & Top Coat
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Base & Top Coat

Price KWD 3.500
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Base & Top Coat Beautynails, a Coat base and top gathered for a 2 in 1 result of extreme brilliance. Enriched with micronized diamond powder, it protects natural nails by providing resistance and beautifies them with a reflective finish of light. It also prolongs the duration of the varnish nails are smooth and Glossy for French and vibrant colors

Cutigel Cuticle Remover...

Cutigel Cuticle Remover Emollient Gel

Price KWD 3.250
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Nail Oil Beautynails rich in argan oil, sweet almond and vitamin E with naturally moisturizing and nourishing virtues The oil penetrates quickly and leaves the skin soft and elastic Cuticles and nails are instantly fed and plumped An essential care for nails more resistant

Capacity: 12 ML

ESSIE Nail Polish -  GO GO...
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Price KWD 4.500
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close your eyes. when you give this semi-sheer shade a whirl.

essie enamel product benefits:

- extensive color palette with hundreds of shades

- high, glossy shine finish

- provides flawless coverage along with outstanding durability

- brush fits every nail size for streak-free application

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Price KWD 2.500
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wake up: board. go to sleep: skate in your dreams. grind the day away wearing this dirty eggshell white quick dry nail polish with yellow undertones (cream)