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Eyebrow Shaping

Discover our wide variety of eyebrow products to define your brows and express yourself. Find all you need to shape, fill and set your eyebrows from natural-looking definition to a bold, statement-making look. With our eyebrow makeup's even, soft, blendable color and expert applicators you can achieve the perfect eyebrow look anytime.


Soft Eyebrow Pencil

Soft Eyebrow Pencil

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Soft pencils to highlight your eyebrows

The soft pencils beautifully define and highlight your eyebrow line while coloring it at the same time. Contains vitamin E. The specially-shaped brush helps create your desired shape for your eyebrows.
Powder Eyebrow Shadow

Powder Eyebrow Shadow

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Contour your eyebrows to perfection!

The beauty of your eyes is not only made by long and perfectly curled eyelashes... The entire eye area, including your eyebrows, is equally important! The thickness and shape of your eyebrows can completely change the appearance of your face. An automatic powder eyebrow shadow will enhance and naturally define your eyebrows. The useful applicator will help you achieve the desired shape and color of your eyebrows. Lasts up to 150 applications. Using a powder eyebrow shadow is more natural and easier than working with an eyebrow pencil. Comes in a practical form resembling a pen and is an ideal tool for your handbag.


TATTOOSTUDIO - Brow Tint Pen Makeup

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Foolproof brow fill! Our 1st eyebrow tinting pen for lasting impact.

TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen Makeup fills in eyebrows with natural-looking hair-like strokes that last up to 24 hours. Achieving perfectly defined natural-looking eyebrows has never been easier! Our 1st eyebrow tinting pen features an exclusively-designed multi-prong tip that delivers the look of natural, hair-like strokes instantly. Our long-lasting formula delivers up to 24 hour wear that is smudge-proof and transfer-proof.

Maybelline Tattoo Brow Peel Off Eyebrow Tint - Medium Brown

Tattoo Brow Peel Off Eyebrow Tint

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Maybelline Tattoo Brow 3 Day Gel Tint is our Brow Breakthrough! A game-changing peel off gel-tint that leaves brows filled and conditioned for up to 3 days.

Maybelline Tattoo Brow 3 Day Gel Tint is an easy-to-use, peel-of brow tint with up to 3-day wear. Enriched with Royal Jelly & Aloe Vera, brows are left tinted and conditioned, gradually and evenly fading over time.

Gorgeous Eyebrow Correcting & Illuminating Pen

Eyebrow Correcting & Illuminating Pen

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Double-ended 2-in-1 Jumbo Eyebrow Pencil:

1. This CORRECTOR for the under eyebrow area neutralizes and perfectly evens your skin tone while contouring your brows. 

2. The ILLUMINATING SHIMMER will provide a fine glow to the area under your brows and optically enlarge and brighten your eyes.TIP: You can also use the shimmer for the inner corners of your eyes to create a sparkling look.

Skin type: All types

Cake Eyebrow Powder - Blue

Cake Eyebrow Powder - Blue

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Cake Eye Liner is an eyebrow powder that is applied using a small amount of water, presented in an elegant packaging. Due to its extraordinary formulation Cake Eye Liner is specially color intensive and long lasting. Applied with Cake Eye Liner Sealer it is smudge and waterproof.