Kerastase Resistance

Résistance anti-breakage hair care rebuilds the internal structure of weakened hair to strengthen and reinforce the fiber, creating strong hair from roots to tips.


K Resistance - Shampoo for Damaged Hair 250ml

K Resistance - Shampoo for Damaged Hair 250ml

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Reconstructing shampoo for weak and damaged hair.

Daily reconstructing shampoo for brittle, damaged hair at erosion levels 1-2. Each fiber is reconstructed, revitalized, shiny, and smooth. Hair is soft, firm to the touch and protected. Rebuilds and strengthens the hair fiber from roots to ends. Helps prevent breakage and split ends.

K Resistance - Conditioner for Damaged Hair

K Resistance - Conditioner for Damaged Hair

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Repairing anti-breakage conditioner for weak hair and damaged hair.

Kérastase Ciment Anti-Usure - Vita Ciment Advance is the first double reconstruction treatment for weakened hair with Topseal protection. It works to rebuild your hair’s internal strength and leaves it full of body, vitality and shine whilst feeling incredibly soft.

K Resistance - Length Strengthening Scalp Serum 50ml

K Resistance - Length Strengthening Scalp Serum...

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A strengthening scalp serum that creates visibly stronger hair from the roots. This leave-in treatment reinforces and promotes a healthy scalp. By helping hair at the root, this serum reduces the appearance of split ends as hair grows.

K Resistance -  Pre-Shampoo...

K Resistance - Pre-Shampoo Conditioner 200ml

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Kérastase Resistance Soin Premier Thérapiste Pre-Shampoo is the first Reverse Care Conditioner to repair very damaged, over-processed hair. Reverse Fiber Renewal Care Conditioner is created for use before shampoo to protect & repair very damaged, over-processed hair without the weigh-down effect.

K Resistance Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Cream 150ml

K Resistance Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Cream 150ml

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Blow dry heat protectant for damaged hair. Strengthens and fortifies the hair fiber to achieve 85% LESS BREAKAGE from blow dry. Smooths away cracks and split ends while adding shine. Excellent leave-in care. A styling milk with a creamy, gel-like texture that spreads through the hair easily. Its moldable qualities offer heat protection and soft hold. Heat protection up to 180°C.

K Resistance - Length Strengthening Shampoo For Damaged Hair 250ml
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K Resistance - Length Strengthening Shampoo For...

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Length strengthening shampoo for slow growing, damaged lengths.

Which hair type is it good for?
✔ Straight
✔ Wavy
✔ Curly
✔ Coiled
✔ Tightly Coiled

What it is:
A length-strengthening shampoo for weakened and damaged hair.

Key benefits:
- Recovers hair fiber's perfect condition
- Seals cuticle from root to ends
- Ensures a healthy scalp environment

Fusio-Dose Homelab Cicafibre Booster
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Fusio-Dose Homelab Cicafibre Booster

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A shot of powerful restoration that boosts the natural beauty of blonde between color services. Ideal for all blonde hair sensitized by lightening.


  • Concentrated healing ingredients instantly restore fibers after a lightening services.
  • Repairs strands from technical, thermal and chemical damages.
  • Reconstructs inner fiber structure.
  • Stops oxidation to stabilize color.
  • Deeply moisturizes strands.
  • Makes hair manageable without weight.
K Resistance - Serum for...
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K Resistance - Serum for Severely Damaged Hair...

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Repair your hair double time with Kérastase Serum Thérapiste Dual Treatment. A unique 2-in-1 repair treatment for thick, damaged, or over processed hair, this dual oil and cream formula penetrates deeply into the core of the hair fibre to renew and repair the hair from within. With consistent use, hair is toned, smoothed, and revitalized. Infuse your hair with healing nourishment with Kérastase Serum Thérapiste Dual Treatment.