Benefits: Easy & comfortable application. High-quality synthetic hair.

Application of a highlighter or a bronzer to contour your face: Apply a small amount of highlighter or bronzer onto the brush, dust if off on the top of your hand, and gently apply over your forehead, under your cheekbones, your nose and, if required, your chin using gentle strokes to highlight these parts of your face to achieve the desired effect. Do not forget to highlight your neckline where light reflections are very effective.
Application of a blusher: Apply a small amount of blusher onto the brush, tap it off onto the back of your hand and apply with gentle strokes, proceeding towards the outside. Add layers to achieve the desired effect. Start from the point where your outer mouth corner intersects with your nose line. From there, proceed diagonally towards your upper ear line. If your face is narrow and elongated, proceed to the center of your ear.

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The original Czech brand Dermacol has been cherishing female beauty for over half a century. The first high-coverage foundation in the world was developed in Dermacol’s Czech laboratory. It began being used by Hollywood in the 1960s, and ever since, Dermacol has been synonymous with perfect skin make-up, not only in the Czech Republic, but all over the world.

12H True Color Eyeliner - Dark Mauve

12H True Color Eyeliner

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Long-Lasting Wooden Eye Pencil

This long-lasting wooden eyeliner pencil contains a large amount of intensive colored pigments so that you can perfectly contour your eye-lines with just one application. Its creamy and long-lasting texture lasts up to 12 hours. The soft pencil lead can also be used as a kohl pencil to draw a more intense eye-line or a more precisely defined line. Thanks to its unique texture, it is extremely heat resistant.

Ophthalmologically tested. Suitable for the inner rim – the “water line” technique.

Coverage: High